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nowhere within the emotional feelings network of sites is any opportunity for me to make any profit from any of the 28 + sites within this network. this network of sites has been put together as a personal mission to help others by informing those who need information concerning mental health, eating disorders, lifestyle factors, and every other topic listed within.

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If you're trying to find personal growth, an avenue to get to know yourself or recovering from something... you'll find that there are many "connections" along your journey.
It's all the "connections" that you find, that cause a spark to be ignited within you that will carry you along when the going gets tougher.
I've made it easier for you by including connecting underlined link words throughout the 28 sites of the emotional feelings network of sites! Look for "connections" & you'll find them, more & more often. Be aware, mindful & grateful when you find them!

  It's very important that you visit the page: keeping in touch!
Reason being: If you're here because you're searching for an answer to your feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, feeling sick, or just general feelings of misery in your life - you need to find a volunteer opportunity that you feel comfortable with.
For a life changing listen - click here - it's truly life changing and something we all need to listen to. It does take some time to listen to Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, but you won't regret it. 
You can help yourself by helping others. You might not think so; but it's true. Find something you can do to help some worthy causes. "Keeping in Touch" will show you some important causes that need you!
Why not just click here now to get it over with! So even if you leave this site after finding some information concerning an emotion or feeling... you'll also leave with the seed of thought concerning volunteer work that might produce some results bringing you a sense of accomplishment & find yourself feeling better!

Your dictionary definition of:
-mat·ed, -mat·ing, adjective
–verb (used with object)

  1. to give life to; make alive: God animated the dust.
  2. to make lively, vivacious, or vigorous; give zest or spirit to: Her presence animated the party.
  3. to fill with courage or boldness; encourage: to animate weary troops.
  4. to move or stir to action; motivate: He was animated by religious zeal.
  5. to give motion to: leaves animated by a breeze.
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  1. alive; possessing life: animate creatures.
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a quick background on me....

5 years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorderdepression & I was also experiencing an eating disorder that no one knew anything about; night eating.
While I was miserable in experiencing all the symptoms of post traumatic stress, an anxiety disorder & depression - which often accompanies anxiety disorders; I was overjoyed in finally finding out what was wrong with me!

Why would someone spend 1000's of hours designing & keeping up these websites to offer free information to others?

I have to reply - "You're absolutely right! It does take many, many hours each day to work on these sites. I'm a mother, a wife & an individual who has tons of personal work to do as well as the usual family responsibilities!

visit anxieties 101 by clicking here!

How would I find the time? I knew that if I made the commitment to myself to keep up these sites... I would HAVE to do it....
Why do I do it? I use the opportunity to combine my own recovery - personal growth journey with an important concept that I've made a commitment to:
"Helping yourself thru helping others..." 
I was so excited when after years of searching for the answer to my everyday question, "What's wrong with me?" that I felt determined to show others that if you don't quit & you know the path to take, you can find your answers as well!

connect the pics with the words...

My immediate concern at that time was "mental health." While I didn't know what was wrong with me, I did have one medical specialist tell me that my physical pain was due to a "mental problem."
I didn't quite understand it all, I was wallowing in many different symptoms of mental illness like panic attacks, severe anxiety & finally my eating disorder symptoms of waking up numerous times in the night to eat.
Just as you may have seen recently on either public service television commercials for depression or in your doctor's office waiting room; mental illness can manifest itself in physical symptoms that include many sources of discomfort. I was also experiencing the symptoms of "irritable bowel syndrome," that had started early on in my life. So I'll start with the mental health site that now exists within the network:

i've made this cake! it's delicious!

I've reached a point in my own personal recovery & growth journey that I believe I can describe accurately most of the emotions & feelings within the emotional feelings network of sites without using any information from anyone else.
But since the ruination of the "extremely emotional" site - I had to stop & ask myself - remembering to be aware & mindful of what's happening in my present moment -
"Why did this happen to me?" (the unreasonable ruin of my site, of course!) 
or - Choosing to seek a positive return for a negative energy passing my way - what would the positive ramifications be of having to go through every single page of a network of 28+ sites to delete the links to my ruined site?
Geez... now that I think of it... I've asked myself that question quite a few times before... "Why did this happen to me?" & I searched & searched for an answer, wasting time & positive energy on something very simple... Life is what's happening. Just look to find the positive about it instead of the negative
This is what I am looking for now in all aspects of my life. I'm looking for the "positive" reasons things happen. I remember what I've learned from my past to be prepared to have to confront negativities with my re-gained "power & control" on my side now instead of the enemy; but I choose now to look upon the face of countenance instead of upheaval.
After pondering a few days on this subject, while going through every page of the emotional feelings site - here - to unlink all the emotion & feelings words "s" thru the end of the alphabet - I realized something magnificent.
"This is my opportunity to take the time to check ALL linked words to be sure they're being directed to the correct places. This is my opportunity to re-check spelling & grammar. This is my opportunity to try to express in my own words - the most meaningful knowledge I've recently acquired!
I'll write what I've learned about the whole cake, almost 6 years of growth - not just reveal a the first piece of the cake! - I still offer other author's works to explain situational inferences to emotions & feelings!
I'll try to the best of my ability to explain the importance of every emotion & feeling. I'm honored you chose the emotional feelings network of sites to visit!

Important notice:

is coming along.
it's the replacement site for extremely emotional!
thanks for your continued patience with me as it takes so long to re-establish all the underlined link words as well as building a new site!

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I feel "able"

I feel "able"


David Epstein

Recalling A Great Conductor

By Jonathan Richmond

Celebrating David Epstein 1930 - 2002.

Wong Auditorium, April 21, 2:00 p.m.

One of the advantages to being a great artist is the immortality of one’s work. Professor David Epstein died on January 15 this year - far too early at the age of 71 - from complications of lung & liver disease, but members of the audience remarked that his spirit was present as the memorial to his remarkable life ended with the playing of a recording of the Andante from Mozart’s G major piano concerto, K. 453.

David was conducting the New Orchestra of Boston, which he founded & in the timeless performance we could not only appreciate his scholarship on the subject of tempo & musical structure, but his understanding of the very essence of Mozart.

The strings played with a natural serenity, the winds appeared & blended in with the most intense of mournful gentleness; the eloquence of the piano playing of Manfred Eigen was made all the more compelling by the natural flow of sonorities produced by David’s orchestra.

No matter that his chosen tempi were slower than those demanded by modern performance practice & its claims of “authenticity.” David was taking us to depths of profundity unknown by pedantic musicologists; he was bringing to life that element of music which exists in no other medium, which relates sounds to time to create deep but indescribable meaning.

David had produced work at once grief stricken & life-affirming: in his ability to do so, he was one of the few to share the legacy of Mozart & in those beautiful solemn moments both Mozart & Epstein seemed present, hand in hand.

A large group of David’s colleagues & friends gathered in Wong Auditorium on Sunday afternoon to celebrate his life. As conductor of the MIT Symphony Orchestra for 33 years until 1998, Epstein built up an institution whose amateur members were led to give performances that were often professional in stature & which at times reached levels of intensity & revelation that placed them among the great orchestras of the world.

David not only brought discipline to his players; he fired their imaginations with his at times idiosyncratic interpretations & demanded & achieved exciting results.

Institute Professor John Harbison pointed to David’s multifaceted contributions as a great performer, original composer & influential theoretician. David linked his activities together, using his practical experience in making music to inform his theoretical contributions.

John P. Ito ’93, a former student of David Epstein now completing doctoral studies in music theory at Columbia University, spoke of his teacher’s “generosity in helping younger colleagues” & how he continues to feel his influence.

As a member of the MIT Symphony Orchestra, he recognized David’s special relationship with music: “David could get inside the score & get the score inside of him.”

In addition to speeches by several of David’s music colleagues & friends who described his great humanity, his daughters & other family members remembered him fondly. Beth Epstein-Hounza described her pleasure at wandering up & down the aisles of Kresge Auditorium when her father was rehearsing & how she would “curl up in a chair & let my father’s music carry me away.”

The afternoon included three live music performances, including the Andante from Mozart’s Symphony No. 38 played by members of the MIT Symphony Orchestra & moving renditions of the second movement of Brahms String quartet No. 1 in C minor, Opus 51, No. 1, performed by Philip N. Springmann ’04, Andrew L. Wong ‘04, Jennifer Grucza & Peter Jung ’01 & of three songs from David Epstein’s The Seasons, sung by Margaret O'Keefe, with Heng-Jin Park on piano.

David’s concerts always held a special place for me as The Tech’s music critic. I put attendance at them first priority not only because they provided a display of MIT talent, but because David’s performances offered special insights on music & on countless occasions would send me home feeling animated by their revelation.

David was always free to discuss music with humor as well as insight. On a few occasions I felt the orchestra performed badly & caught scowls & worse from members of the orchestra in the Infinite Corridor after laying out my opinion in The Tech. David, however, was ever supportive, gently going over my comments with a smile in his voice & using the occasion to teach me about music.

David Epstein, just awarded the prestigious Conductors’ Guild Max Rudolph Award posthumously, brought greatness to music at MIT & in doing so enriched many lives. A great human being as well as superb musician, he made friends in many circles & will be remembered with joy & missed with sorrow at MIT & many places & communities beyond.

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