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nowhere within the emotional feelings network of sites is any opportunity for me to make any profit from any of the 28 + sites within this network. this network of sites has been put together as a personal mission to help others by informing those who need information concerning mental health, eating disorders, lifestyle factors, and every other topic listed within.

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If you're trying to find personal growth, an avenue to get to know yourself or recovering from something... you'll find that there are many "connections" along your journey.
It's all the "connections" that you find, that cause a spark to be ignited within you that will carry you along when the going gets tougher.
I've made it easier for you by including connecting underlined link words throughout the 28 sites of the emotional feelings network of sites! Look for "connections" & you'll find them, more & more often. Be aware, mindful & grateful when you find them!

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a quick background on me....

5 years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorderdepression & I was also experiencing an eating disorder that no one knew anything about; night eating.
While I was miserable in experiencing all the symptoms of post traumatic stress, an anxiety disorder & depression - which often accompanies anxiety disorders; I was overjoyed in finally finding out what was wrong with me!

Why would someone spend 1000's of hours designing & keeping up these websites to offer free information to others?

I have to reply - "You're absolutely right! It does take many, many hours each day to work on these sites. I'm a mother, a wife & an individual who has tons of personal work to do as well as the usual family responsibilities!

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How would I find the time? I knew that if I made the commitment to myself to keep up these sites... I would HAVE to do it....
Why do I do it? I use the opportunity to combine my own recovery - personal growth journey with an important concept that I've made a commitment to:
"Helping yourself thru helping others..." 
I was so excited when after years of searching for the answer to my everyday question, "What's wrong with me?" that I felt determined to show others that if you don't quit & you know the path to take, you can find your answers as well!

connect the pics with the words...

My immediate concern at that time was "mental health." While I didn't know what was wrong with me, I did have one medical specialist tell me that my physical pain was due to a "mental problem."
I didn't quite understand it all, I was wallowing in many different symptoms of mental illness like panic attacks, severe anxiety & finally my eating disorder symptoms of waking up numerous times in the night to eat.
Just as you may have seen recently on either public service television commercials for depression or in your doctor's office waiting room; mental illness can manifest itself in physical symptoms that include many sources of discomfort. I was also experiencing the symptoms of "irritable bowel syndrome," that had started early on in my life. So I'll start with the mental health site that now exists within the network:

i've made this cake! it's delicious!

I've reached a point in my own personal recovery & growth journey that I believe I can describe accurately most of the emotions & feelings within the emotional feelings network of sites without using any information from anyone else.
But since the ruination of the "extremely emotional" site - I had to stop & ask myself - remembering to be aware & mindful of what's happening in my present moment -
"Why did this happen to me?" (the unreasonable ruin of my site, of course!) 
or - Choosing to seek a positive return for a negative energy passing my way - what would the positive ramifications be of having to go through every single page of a network of 28+ sites to delete the links to my ruined site?
Geez... now that I think of it... I've asked myself that question quite a few times before... "Why did this happen to me?" & I searched & searched for an answer, wasting time & positive energy on something very simple... Life is what's happening. Just look to find the positive about it instead of the negative
This is what I am looking for now in all aspects of my life. I'm looking for the "positive" reasons things happen. I remember what I've learned from my past to be prepared to have to confront negativities with my re-gained "power & control" on my side now instead of the enemy; but I choose now to look upon the face of countenance instead of upheaval.
After pondering a few days on this subject, while going through every page of the emotional feelings site - here - to unlink all the emotion & feelings words "s" thru the end of the alphabet - I realized something magnificent.
"This is my opportunity to take the time to check ALL linked words to be sure they're being directed to the correct places. This is my opportunity to re-check spelling & grammar. This is my opportunity to try to express in my own words - the most meaningful knowledge I've recently acquired!
I'll write what I've learned about the whole cake, almost 6 years of growth - not just reveal a the first piece of the cake! - I still offer other author's works to explain situational inferences to emotions & feelings!
I'll try to the best of my ability to explain the importance of every emotion & feeling. I'm honored you chose the emotional feelings network of sites to visit!

Important notice:

is coming along.
it's the replacement site for extremely emotional!
thanks for your continued patience with me as it takes so long to re-establish all the underlined link words as well as building a new site!

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I feel "able"

I feel "able"

Accepting Ourselves and Others

Love is the ultimate healing energy. We lack giving and receiving love.

Our feelings of isolation and loneliness breed mistrust, misunderstandings, competition, antagonism and the whole series of health destroying emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, bitterness, resentment etc. These negative emotions build up a personality complex of their own, and grow out of the control destroying our health and relationships.

Learning to accept and love ourselves and others despite our faults, weaknesses, habits and mistakes is a powerful means for healing ourselves and others.

By developing more deeply rooted feelings of security and self-worth, we enable ourselves to understand, forgive and love others and ourselves in more and more situations.

The following thoughts may help us in that process.

We are all souls in a process of evolution.

We are all controlled by our ignorance and fear, which cause us to function in less than perfect ways. Thus, it is logical to accept and love ourselves and others even though we are not perfect and make mistakes.

This can be understood more clearly through some examples.

Two broken legs.

If we know someone who has two broken legs and for this reason is unable to carry out his or her responsibilities or be very productive or creative, we automatically understand that they cannot do any more, because they have two broken legs.

What we fail to understand is that many of people who we perceive as lazy, irresponsible or negative and even immoral have in fact two of their "emotional legs" broken. They have seriously impaired emotional legs of "inner security" and feelings of "self-worth".

Their insecurity and feelings of self-doubt cause them to behave in negative ways. We, too, might be such persons who have had their inner strength handicapped by negative childhood experiences. Thus we would do well to understand and love ourselves and others even when we are not able to be who we would like to be.

Accepting ourselves does not mean that we do not recognize and admit our mistakes and weakness and seek to improve ourselves and free ourselves from those obstacles so that we can manifest our inner potential on all levels.

Also, accepting others does not mean that we do not assertively explain to them the types of behavior that we need from them.

Half-finished Paintings

An incomplete painting is not yet in its perfected form. It is in the process of being perfected, of being completed. We know that it is not completed because consciously or subconsciously we know that it can be much more than it presently is. But we do not reject the painting because it is not yet what it will be. We do not say that it is wrong or unacceptable. We simply perceive it as incomplete and we attend to the process of completing it.

Let us then imagine that our and others? personalities are half-finished paintings. Let us perceive the general state of the society and world around as a painting in progress.

Yes, there are many weaknesses, faults and aspects to be improved in those paintings. But they are what they can and should be for their incomplete stage. A painting must pass through a series of stages until it is finally completed. Each of these stages is a perfect part of that process of completion. No stage could be skipped or avoided.

Thus, we and those around us are "perfect" at every stage of that process of completion. We and everything around us is at a stage in the process of perfection. Even our imperfections are a perfect temporary part of our movement towards perfection.

When we perceive ourselves and others as unfinished paintings, we will have patience and understanding for our mutual weaknesses and faults. We will perceive them as parts of our being which need to be worked on in the process of manifesting our perfect being, which is waiting latent within us to become a reality.

The same of course holds for those around us who are in a process of perfecting their unfinished paintings.

The Bud and the Flower.

A flower bud does not yet manifest its latent beauty. Yet we do not reject, criticize or condemn it. We realize that it is in a process and that it is what it needs to be now in order to become the flower which it is destined to be. We accept it is as it is and wait patiently for its blossoming.

In the same way we need to perceive ourselves and others as:

  • Paintings in the process of completing ourselves.
  • Buds becoming flowers.
  • Souls in the process of evolution.

We all deserve love and respect exactly as we are.

Our life purpose, however, is to attend to the process of evolution and self-perfection until we blossom into the magnificent and totally conscientious and loving beings that we are destined to be.

Source: http://www.healthguidance.org/authors/254/Robert-Elias-Najemy
Robert Elias Najemy

Robert Elias Najemy is the author of over 600 articles, 400 lecture cassettes on Human Harmony and 20 books, which have sold over 100,000 copies. He is the Founder and director of the Center for Harmonious Living in Greece with 3700 members. His book The Psychology of Happiness; ISBN 0-9710116-0-5 is available at Amazon and http://www.holisticharmony.com where you can view and download FREE articles and e-books. 

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Accepting Yourself as You Are

By Linda Adams, President, Gordon Training International

Recently, a friend said to me that his mother wanted to appear less “flawed” than she really was - she was “nice” and that meant not being honest with people who were close to her about things that irritated her or bothered her. She let people see only those aspects of herself that she perceived as okay, as “good”, only her strengths, and not her weaknesses.

His regret was that she missed out on having a more authentic life and deeper and more meaningful relationships. In his words, “Mom’s funeral was tough for me because the person represented in that service had so little to do with who my mom really was. I wish more people could have known her, warts and all, but she didn’t let that happen.”

I knew this struck a chord because his words kept occurring to me over the next few weeks. I started thinking more about how often I and so many of us do the same thing - deny ourselves opportunities to be our real, authentic, true self both in the everyday, seemingly routine and mundane choices we make about our plans and goals and the way we are in relationships with others.

Life doesn’t “happen” in big events - it takes place in all the hundreds of little things that make up each day. How to the spend the minutes of our day, the way we talk to people, the people we choose to spend time with, what we think about, what we work on - it’s in all these seemingly insignificant ways that we are living out our lives. So the decisions and choices we make all day everyday really matter.

When we are “nice” or “say the right thing” or shy away from a stressful interaction or decide not to pursue a thought or an idea or a goal we feel passionate about, we betray ourselves. We deny who we are at that moment. We stunt our own growth and by extension the growth of others. We miss the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

What’s in the Way?

Fear - fear that blocks us, that stands in the way of our meeting our important needs or perhaps of even discovering what they are, fear that prevents us from fully functioning.

Because we often fear the unknown, we fear change - we choose to be cautious and stay with what we know. We stop ourselves from taking on certain challenges, actions, jobs, and relationships. We adapt to unpleasant or bad or unhealthy situations because that’s more comfortable than facing the unknown. We could call this “fear of living”. As psychologist, Dr. Rochelle Myers, put it, “Most people tiptoe through life trying to reach death safely.”

The Key is Self-Acceptance

Real self-acceptance occurs when we can accept every aspect of our self - “warts and all.” What leads to such self-acceptance? How can we come to accept the full range of our feelings and thoughts and needs?

It begins when we are open to looking at the unacknowledged aspects of ourselves and can come to terms with them, integrate them, embrace them even. Here is another powerful and important use of active listening – which is the language of acceptance – just as we do it with others when they need empathy and understanding and acceptance, we can be a counselor to ourselves.

Just as we help a coworker, a child or a friend talk through their anger or frustration and get to their deeper feeling, problem or insight. When we lose the need to sit in constant judgment of ourselves, and can learn to accept ourselves, we open up the possibility of becoming more and more of what we are capable of being because accepting ourselves as we are actually allows us the freedom to change.

We begin to discover the full extent of our own uniqueness and to feel free to express it and act on it. We can also develop deeper self-acceptance by establishing, nurturing and maintaining therapeutic relationships with other people - people who accept us as we are.

These are relationships in which each of us is free and willing to be ourselves, i.e. our words and behavior match our feelings - and in which we both can listen with empathy to each other. When both of us have the courage, the skill and the intention to relate to each other this way, our interactions make it possible for the unique persons we are to continue to emerge.

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