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nowhere within the emotional feelings network of sites is any opportunity for me to make any profit from any of the 28 + sites within this network. this network of sites has been put together as a personal mission to help others by informing those who need information concerning mental health, eating disorders, lifestyle factors, and every other topic listed within.

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If you're trying to find personal growth, an avenue to get to know yourself or recovering from something... you'll find that there are many "connections" along your journey.
It's all the "connections" that you find, that cause a spark to be ignited within you that will carry you along when the going gets tougher.
I've made it easier for you by including connecting underlined link words throughout the 28 sites of the emotional feelings network of sites! Look for "connections" & you'll find them, more & more often. Be aware, mindful & grateful when you find them!

  It's very important that you visit the page: keeping in touch!
Reason being: If you're here because you're searching for an answer to your feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, feeling sick, or just general feelings of misery in your life - you need to find a volunteer opportunity that you feel comfortable with.
For a life changing listen - click here - it's truly life changing and something we all need to listen to. It does take some time to listen to Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, but you won't regret it.
You can help yourself by helping others. You might not think so; but it's true. Find something you can do to help some worthy causes. "Keeping in Touch" will show you some important causes that need you!
Why not just click here now to get it over with! So even if you leave this site after finding some information concerning an emotion or feeling... you'll also leave with the seed of thought concerning volunteer work that might produce some results bringing you a sense of accomplishment & find yourself feeling better!


your dictionary definition of:
  1. extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless: an audacious explorer.
  2. extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive: an audacious vision of the city's bright future.
  3. recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like; insolent; brazen.
  4. lively; unrestrained; uninhibited: an audacious interpretation of her role.

a quick background on me....

5 years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorderdepression & I was also experiencing an eating disorder that no one knew anything about; night eating.
While I was miserable in experiencing all the symptoms of post traumatic stress, an anxiety disorder & depression - which often accompanies anxiety disorders; I was overjoyed in finally finding out what was wrong with me!

Why would someone spend 1000's of hours designing & keeping up these websites to offer free information to others?

I have to reply - "You're absolutely right! It does take many, many hours each day to work on these sites. I'm a mother, a wife & an individual who has tons of personal work to do as well as the usual family responsibilities!

visit anxieties 101 by clicking here!

How would I find the time? I knew that if I made the commitment to myself to keep up these sites... I would HAVE to do it....
Why do I do it? I use the opportunity to combine my own recovery - personal growth journey with an important concept that I've made a commitment to:
"Helping yourself thru helping others..." 
I was so excited when after years of searching for the answer to my everyday question, "What's wrong with me?" that I felt determined to show others that if you don't quit & you know the path to take, you can find your answers as well!

connect the pics with the words...

My immediate concern at that time was "mental health." While I didn't know what was wrong with me, I did have one medical specialist tell me that my physical pain was due to a "mental problem."
I didn't quite understand it all, I was wallowing in many different symptoms of mental illness like panic attacks, severe anxiety & finally my eating disorder symptoms of waking up numerous times in the night to eat.
Just as you may have seen recently on either public service television commercials for depression or in your doctor's office waiting room; mental illness can manifest itself in physical symptoms that include many sources of discomfort. I was also experiencing the symptoms of "irritable bowel syndrome," that had started early on in my life. So I'll start with the mental health site that now exists within the network:

i've made this cake! it's delicious!

I've reached a point in my own personal recovery & growth journey that I believe I can describe accurately most of the emotions & feelings within the emotional feelings network of sites without using any information from anyone else.
But since the ruination of the "extremely emotional" site - I had to stop & ask myself - remembering to be aware & mindful of what's happening in my present moment -
"Why did this happen to me?" (the unreasonable ruin of my site, of course!) 
or - Choosing to seek a positive return for a negative energy passing my way - what would the positive ramifications be of having to go through every single page of a network of 28+ sites to delete the links to my ruined site?
Geez... now that I think of it... I've asked myself that question quite a few times before... "Why did this happen to me?" & I searched & searched for an answer, wasting time & positive energy on something very simple... Life is what's happening. Just look to find the positive about it instead of the negative
This is what I am looking for now in all aspects of my life. I'm looking for the "positive" reasons things happen. I remember what I've learned from my past to be prepared to have to confront negativities with my re-gained "power & control" on my side now instead of the enemy; but I choose now to look upon the face of countenance instead of upheaval.
After pondering a few days on this subject, while going through every page of the emotional feelings site - here - to unlink all the emotion & feelings words "s" thru the end of the alphabet - I realized something magnificent.
"This is my opportunity to take the time to check ALL linked words to be sure they're being directed to the correct places. This is my opportunity to re-check spelling & grammar. This is my opportunity to try to express in my own words - the most meaningful knowledge I've recently acquired!
I'll write what I've learned about the whole cake, almost 6 years of growth - not just reveal a the first piece of the cake! - I still offer other author's works to explain situational inferences to emotions & feelings!
I'll try to the best of my ability to explain the importance of every emotion & feeling. I'm honored you chose the emotional feelings network of sites to visit!

Important notice:

is coming along.
it's the replacement site for extremely emotional!
thanks for your continued patience with me as it takes so long to re-establish all the underlined link words as well as building a new site!

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I feel "able"

audacious teens
audacious behavior

Break Free Now
By Burt Dubin

Every outstanding achievement starts with a minority of one. When Mohammed Ali announced I am the greatest, only he believed it. And he believed it from the marrow of his bones.
Then he prepared himself. He practiced, drilled, rehearsed. Just as you are to do. He strengthened his muscles as he strengthened his resolve. Just as you are to do. He became a powerhouse of implacable commitment to be what he said he was. Just as you are to do.
Think about it. An affirmation, a bald, bold, audacious affirmation became reality. And within his sphere & his time in history, he made himself the greatest.

Is there an idea here for you? I think so. OK, how do you create the conditions & circumstances, the vivid, living, breathing, palpitating reality of you - & I do mean you - being personally great in your sphere, in your time in history - being personally great as an expert who speaks.

It’s not so hard. Not if you have a plan.

1. Start with your essence. With your personal essence. What are you really about?
What right do you have to stand before audiences sharing your wisdom?
What have you to offer that's unique & special?
What sets you apart from all other experts who speak?
This is your core value. Identify & exploit your core value. Until you do you’re not ready for the big room, the main stage, the general sessions or keynote slots.

2. Develop an hour of pure value. Principles & what-to’s. Lace it with a touch of humor. Include pauses to let your key ideas sink in.
Do your out-of-town tryouts, your shakedown cruise at service clubs.
Trim it down. Get the bugs out.

audacious teens
audacious behavior

3. Create a couple of hours of how-to’s. This is your concurrent session. Be ready to expand this to whatever time length best works for the clients you want to serve.
To see if this will play in Peoria, offer to present fund raisers for Chambers of Commerce near your home. They promote. You present. You split the take 50-50.
They love this because it shovels cash into their treasury while it served their community.

4. Now put on your marketing hat. Start to write articles revealing your expertise. If you have case studies, before-&-after tales of the difference your insights make, share them. Discover how to do both inbound & outbound marketing. Market relentlessly

5. Develop your one-sheet & your other marketing tools. Include great letters of commendation: How it was before you came along compared to how it is now. Glowing words of praise about the outcomes you produce.

6. Design your Mission Statement. Make it magnificent. Better yet, let it be transcendent. Allow it to be your guiding light, your reason-to-be.

7. Energize your actions. Get behind your intentions with bulldog tenacity. Believe wholly in what you’re about.
Back your belief with fire in your belly. Be resolute about making yourself the master of your personal universe.

Trust Your Write Goals
By Julie Jordan Scott

"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you'll be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."
Golda Meir

Sometimes the biggest challenges we face as writers is knowing "What do I choose?" "Which direction is the right direction to take?" And that doesn't even begin to address the misery of "Is it it's or its? What is the perfect word to describe that image?" & on & on & on it goes.

Stop thinking, stop worrying, stop contemplating & just move your pencil. You heard me - move your pencil. Fan those tiny, inner sparks by moving your pencil across the page instead of just THINKING about moving your pencil across the page.

Here, a segment from my life.... I often talk about my favorite time of day being sunrise - how I treasure the early morning air - the time before most people are awake to breathe in the luscious introduction of light to the darkness.

It was another exceptionally busy weekend. It wasn't a frenetic busy, it was more like "my life is so abundantly full of activities & people to love: I am blessed" sort of busy.

I took 10 minutes to pause in the green room at Bakersfield Community Theatre while waiting for Katherine's rehearsal for "The Hobbit" to begin. I thoroughly enjoyed the gathering of people young enough to be my children... laughing, sharing & being grateful for each heartbeat that entered the room.

I love that these young people see me as an adult who sees & hears them, who values their opinions & insights.

I felt incredibly peace filled.

I drove home & longed for movement, so Hank & Buttercup & I decided to go for a nice long walk to try out their new harnesses.

It was that beautiful sister-time to near dawn. Dusk was drawing near. Soon it would be dark again.

We walked across Panorama Drive & stepped onto the beloved soil of the Bluffs park. The sun was dipping low in the sky.

It was remarkably clear. I could see the far-away mountains which make our home a Valley. The view below the bluffs was pristine & peaceful.

We chatted with another dog-loving couple before making our way to a bench on the edge of the bluffs so that we could fully experience sunset.

Contentment filled my spirit & the sun waved to me as it pulled the blanket of the mountains over its face.

"Good-bye sun!" my heart said. "See you tomorrow!"

I sat back & relaxed into the feeling.

I never question whether the sun will come back tomorrow, I know it will.

I trust in its divine, natural presence.

There's no wondering about it, there is no worrying about it, there is no hesitation in my declaration.

I look to the eastern sky this morning & guess what? Here she comes again, about to give me a good morning kiss.

The sky is brightening, its orangey-pink hued blush says "Yes, I am back again - right on schedule."

Once again, peace fills my being.

It's the natural order: trust leads to peace.

Trust & peace are the platform to mindfulness, awakening, passion & productivity.

Just like sunrise is the kissing cousin to sunset, there's a paradoxical, burst-wide-open quality to this platform of trust & peace.

This is because trust & peace also lead to stillness, rest, calm & timelessness.

Embracing all sides of this paradox will lead to the continued growth & inner knowing which enhance & empower your dreams.

Trusting this paradox, knowing this paradox intimately - leads to making empowered, enlightened choices.

There's an ancient story of a mule, surrounded by bales of glistening, sweet smelling hay.

It all looked heavenly, but unfortunately our mule friend was uncomfortable with making a choice. "If I choose to eat this bale of hay, I lose out on that bale of hay."

He allowed himself to become hopelessly stuck in a quagmire of indecision. His indecision lead to no choice which lead to his untimely demise.

It didn't ever occur to him that instead of looking only at "either this bale of hay or that bale of hay" he had the luxury of choosing a bit of this & a bit of that.... the luxury of sharing this bounty with others, perhaps... the luxury of learning that if he began to eat, he would receive more.

If he HAD trusted his ability to choose & taken the tiniest action, his life would have changed dramatically.

Choosing to eat any of the hay would have been better than making no choice at all.

What part of this story do you relate to the most?

There's a dense family of clouds between the orange, sun-filled dawn & the grey-blue sky that's turning to daylight. I don't worry that the clouds are in the way - I know they're sisters of the dawn.

You have no need to worry - instead, choose to trust that your choices are empowered. You're here, with a community who cares for you & supports you.

If you make a choice that goes awry, the only worst thing that can happen is that you learn to choose differently next time. This isn't a "wrong thing" this is a blessing.

This blessing comes from your choice to trust. It is the dawn of another beautiful day - a gift to be treasured, a canvas to be painted, a doorway to be opened.

It's time for you to trust fully so that your writing  dream will be palpable - visible - treasured by many, with plenty of space for you to continue towards whatever direction calls you.

Writing Prompt:

My writing goals include..... move the pencil.

If it slows, state the prompt again....

My writing goals include.... & move your pencil until you're truly "written out."

A great way to go even deeper is to take this particular exercise out & write it 7 days in a row. Your mind & heart will begin to prepare early in the day because now they know it's coming - & truth be told?
You'll discover those deep, bold, audacious sparks leaping at the joy of being discovered.

Yay! Now, write....

My writing goals include.......

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