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nowhere within the emotional feelings network of sites is any opportunity for me to make any profit from any of the 28 + sites within this network. this network of sites has been put together as a personal mission to help others by informing those who need information concerning mental health, eating disorders, lifestyle factors, and every other topic listed within.

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emotional feelings is the home site for the emotional feelings network of sites!

If you're trying to find personal growth, an avenue to get to know yourself or recovering from something... you'll find that there are many "connections" along your journey.
It's all the "connections" that you find, that cause a spark to be ignited within you that will carry you along when the going gets tougher.
I've made it easier for you by including connecting underlined link words throughout the 28 sites of the emotional feelings network of sites! Look for "connections" & you'll find them, more & more often. Be aware, mindful & grateful when you find them!

  It's very important that you visit the page: keeping in touch!
Reason being: If you're here because you're searching for an answer to your feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, feeling sick, or just general feelings of misery in your life - you need to find a volunteer opportunity that you feel comfortable with.
For a life changing listen - click here - it's truly life changing and something we all need to listen to. It does take some time to listen to Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, but you won't regret it.
You can help yourself by helping others. You might not think so; but it's true. Find something you can do to help some worthy causes. "Keeping in Touch" will show you some important causes that need you!
Why not just click here now to get it over with! So even if you leave this site after finding some information concerning an emotion or feeling... you'll also leave with the seed of thought concerning volunteer work that might produce some results bringing you a sense of accomplishment & find yourself feeling better!

a quick background on me....

5 years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorderdepression & I was also experiencing an eating disorder that no one knew anything about; night eating.
While I was miserable in experiencing all the symptoms of post traumatic stress, an anxiety disorder & depression - which often accompanies anxiety disorders; I was overjoyed in finally finding out what was wrong with me!

Why would someone spend 1000's of hours designing & keeping up these websites to offer free information to others?

I have to reply - "You're absolutely right! It does take many, many hours each day to work on these sites. I'm a mother, a wife & an individual who has tons of personal work to do as well as the usual family responsibilities!

visit anxieties 101 by clicking here!

How would I find the time? I knew that if I made the commitment to myself to keep up these sites... I would HAVE to do it....
Why do I do it? I use the opportunity to combine my own recovery - personal growth journey with an important concept that I've made a commitment to:
"Helping yourself thru helping others..." 
I was so excited when after years of searching for the answer to my everyday question, "What's wrong with me?" that I felt determined to show others that if you don't quit & you know the path to take, you can find your answers as well!

connect the pics with the words...

My immediate concern at that time was "mental health." While I didn't know what was wrong with me, I did have one medical specialist tell me that my physical pain was due to a "mental problem."
I didn't quite understand it all, I was wallowing in many different symptoms of mental illness like panic attacks, severe anxiety & finally my eating disorder symptoms of waking up numerous times in the night to eat.
Just as you may have seen recently on either public service television commercials for depression or in your doctor's office waiting room; mental illness can manifest itself in physical symptoms that include many sources of discomfort. I was also experiencing the symptoms of "irritable bowel syndrome," that had started early on in my life. So I'll start with the mental health site that now exists within the network:

i've made this cake! it's delicious!

I've reached a point in my own personal recovery & growth journey that I believe I can describe accurately most of the emotions & feelings within the emotional feelings network of sites without using any information from anyone else.
But since the ruination of the "extremely emotional" site - I had to stop & ask myself - remembering to be aware & mindful of what's happening in my present moment -
"Why did this happen to me?" (the unreasonable ruin of my site, of course!) 
or - Choosing to seek a positive return for a negative energy passing my way - what would the positive ramifications be of having to go through every single page of a network of 28+ sites to delete the links to my ruined site?
Geez... now that I think of it... I've asked myself that question quite a few times before... "Why did this happen to me?" & I searched & searched for an answer, wasting time & positive energy on something very simple... Life is what's happening. Just look to find the positive about it instead of the negative
This is what I am looking for now in all aspects of my life. I'm looking for the "positive" reasons things happen. I remember what I've learned from my past to be prepared to have to confront negativities with my re-gained "power & control" on my side now instead of the enemy; but I choose now to look upon the face of countenance instead of upheaval.
After pondering a few days on this subject, while going through every page of the emotional feelings site - here - to unlink all the emotion & feelings words "s" thru the end of the alphabet - I realized something magnificent.
"This is my opportunity to take the time to check ALL linked words to be sure they're being directed to the correct places. This is my opportunity to re-check spelling & grammar. This is my opportunity to try to express in my own words - the most meaningful knowledge I've recently acquired!
I'll write what I've learned about the whole cake, almost 6 years of growth - not just reveal a the first piece of the cake! - I still offer other author's works to explain situational inferences to emotions & feelings!
I'll try to the best of my ability to explain the importance of every emotion & feeling. I'm honored you chose the emotional feelings network of sites to visit!

Important notice:

is coming along.
it's the replacement site for extremely emotional!
thanks for your continued patience with me as it takes so long to re-establish all the underlined link words as well as building a new site!

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what do you communicate to others?
are you available to your loved ones?

Are You Available?
By Michelle Morovaty
Dear Loved Ones,

Welcome to Spirituality Inside & Out. Wishing you as fantastic a day as you please.

Are you with me? Right Now! For I love you. I love you. I love you.

Are you available? No, I don't mean for a date or something!
I mean, are you available for yourself?
  • Are you present where ever you are?

  • Are you anxious or are you calm?

  • Are you connected or disconnected?

  • Are you living in the Now?

What is the Now anyways?

get available!

How about your whole being, is it in comfort or discomfort?

  • Are you peaceful or agitated?

  • Are you living the life you want?

  • Are you engaged in what you're doing?

  • Are you destined for greatness? Of course you are!

  • Are you magnificent in your courage to move forward towards your goals & intentions? Of course you are!

  • Are you present with this reading? Of course you are! And if you haven't been so far, you will be, Now.

  • Are you aware of your feelings & your surroundings?

  • Are you aware of your thoughts & their effects?

  • Are you at cause of your destination?

  • Are you seeing what you want to see in your mind’s eye? To see or Not to see?

  • Are you taking action? Are you on top of your projects?

  • Are you present with all that you're doing?

are you available to your loved ones?

Did you enjoy Mother's day yesterday? Where you present? Did you enjoy your day yesterday?

How about today, what's your plan for today?

Do you choose to be present today? Living in the Now with God & all that's in this Universe?
  • Are you present?

  • Do you choose to be present?

  • Are you willing to give it a chance?

Being present that is!

Today are you willing to forgive & live in the Now? Are you?

Your boss, Your spouse, Your partner, Your friends, Your helpers, Your employees, Your teachers, Your children, Your parents, Your family, Your relatives, Your ancestors & life itself which is you.

Are you willing to forgive all those whom you believe have hurt you & Now they're on the black list?

Can you forgive & create a new & fresh white list? A godly list that energizes you & brings joy to your heart & a smile on your face. For whom & why?

For you & you, for you're worthy of living a Peaceful & United life to bring about all of your creativity in such a way that will transform you & the whole world.

You're your own True Greatness. Don't ever let any person, or any unwanted thought or emotion tell you otherwise. You are Great as you attune yourself to your True Self, all wonderful & magnifying aspects of you reveal themselves as you Create the life which you so deserve.

Bless you & so it is.

I love you. I love you. I love you. FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

Please feel free to forward & share these Insights with your family, friends, teachers, students, associates & enemies to Create a world of Greatness inside & out.

May the love & light of God & the Universe surround, protect & heal you, your loved ones & the planet earth.

With Love, Gratitude & Respect,
Michelle Morovaty
Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

A Lesson in Availability Management

Date updated: April 10, 2007
By Laura Stack
Content provided by Revolution Health Group

What are you, the airlines? Why do you book yourself solid?

Think of your time as a commodity. Just as there are a limited number of flights, you have a limited amount of time. You must figure out where to spend it.

It's a simple math equation - an issue of supply & demand. What do you do when you're "sold out"? Add another flight?

That's basically what you're doing right now - if you're willing to dole more time out to anyone who wants to fly free. If you don't value your time highly enough, people will constantly demand it.

To reduce demand (interruptions), you must increase the cost (value) of your supply (time). If the cost is too high, people will think twice about buying some.

Simply put, when people try to spend too much of your time, you must stop being so darn AVAILABLE.

Yes, you need to be available sometimes, but where's the line between a team player & a sucker? Perhaps you could use a lesson in availability management.

One woman asked me, "I'm an admin, so I'm essentially in a customer support role & my job is to give people the information they request. How can I not be available?"

You aren't necessarily going to say "no," but you must ask questions. When someone asks you to do something, when do you assume they mean it?

Usually, we think "right now" when others ask for things.

Instead, say,

  • "Do you need that today, or will Monday be okay?" 
  • "Here's a list of the things I'm working on today. Does this take priority?" 
  • "I'll be happy to stop working on X project & work on Y. Is that what you would like me to do?"

Have your boss or colleagues help you prioritize the order, rather than always being immediately available to the non-important tasks & staying late to complete the important tasks.

However, sometimes not being available does mean saying "no." Interestingly, the more I say "no" to prospective customers, the more they want me.

Many offer me a stipend below my usual fee, which of course I politely decline. If they really want me to speak at their meeting, they miraculously find the extra funds.

Many ask me to come in & meet with them in person before they hire me. With 120-plus speaking engagements each year, I simply don't have the time to do that (& have a life & a family).

I explain to prospective customers I'd be delighted to have a conference call with them. I've actually had people tell me, "We aren't going to hire you if you don't come out to meet us first."

I tell them I'm disappointed to hear that & I wish them the best in finding another speaker. It's amazing how many of them come back, tail between their legs, saying "OK, never mind, we'll arrange a conference call."

The fact that I was NOT available & turned down their request actually made me more valuable in their eyes. My actions communicate, "I'm a successful person with or without you & here are the conditions under which I'll be available to you."

I'm polite & respectful, but I don't allow other people to dictate my calendar to me.

Do you have any conditions? Over the years, you have trained people how to treat you. Every time a colleague pops his head in your office & says, "Do you have a minute?" you're giving that person a lesson in your availability.

If your behavior says, "I'm available any time you need me, so bother me randomly!" you'll never have a moment's peace; everything & everyone will be vying for your attention.

By managing your availability, you will gain the space of time & mind to complete your most important tasks & still be perceived as a valuable member of the team.

Need some more ways to reduce your availability? Try these:

  • Block out your calendar (or schedule yourself) until 9 a.m., so others can't schedule morning appointments with you. Make sure you're not "free." Check the "private" box in the appointment window - all anyone needs to know if you're not available. Save these early morning hours for your high-energy periods when you can knock out your high-importance tasks. Similarly, block out your calendar starting at 4 p.m., so you don't get roped into a meeting that drags on past your departure time.

  • Avoid saying the words "I'll look into it." These words are the kiss of death. If you're trying to concentrate on a task & say this phrase to get the intruder out of your office, that person is laughing all the way down the hall, since a task was successfully off-loaded to you. Refuse to take it on: "I'll be happy to review your project outline once you've it planned out & I'll be available as an advisor if you run into trouble. Good luck."

  • When a co-worker pop his heads in your office & says, "Hi, gotta minute?" you can reply, "I have just one. Will that be enough?" And DO NOT smile. Look at them with eyebrows raised, as if you're truly expecting an answer to your question. You'll get a stammering, "Oh, uh, well, actually I probably need 15." Then you can say, "In that case, please send me a meeting request." Or "I have my back up against the wall on a priority project (or a meeting in 30 minutes, or whatever); can I call you tomorrow at 9:00?"

  • Be very careful with your body language & words. If you're interrupted right in the middle of a task with "Can I ask you a quick question?" & you say, "Sure, what's up?" & lean back & rock in your chair, you're done working on that task. Instead, try "What can I do for you?" or "How may I help you?" or "Is there something you need?" while holding your pen poised above the paper. Other times, when you're not focused, you can certainly take the question. Just don't be available all the time.

  • Cue others of your non-availability before you're interrupted. Agree upon a signal with your team to leave you alone unless it's an emergency. I worked with a group at Coca-Cola that wore red baseball hats during periods of unavailable time. What might work? Installing curtains across the cubicle door? Turning your nameplate around? Wearing orange armbands? Putting yellow police crime scene tape across a cubicle entrance? Using retail "be back at" clocks? One group I worked with found that co-workers respected the signal about 80% of the time. When I questioned the people who said others weren't respecting their signals, it turns out they never took down their signals. They were never available to their co-workers, so their co-workers simply ignored their signals. If you use this system, make sure you don't abuse it.

  • The majority of incoming email is unimportant, so don't check it as it comes in. If someone needs you in an emergency, teach them to call your cell phone instead of emailing you. If you check email messages as they're coming in, you'll distract yourself with less-important tasks than the one you're working on. If you want to ramp up into a state of intense focus, you must turn off your incoming email alerts (Tools, Options, Email options, Advanced) & discipline yourself to only check, process & respond to email every 2 hours at a minimum (4 hours is better).

  • Question the wisdom in attending certain meetings. Push back. Can someone attend a meeting in your place? Do you even need to be there? Can you be placed first on the agenda & then leave? Perhaps the information can be exchanged via email & the meeting canceled? Would a team member tape the meeting & you can listen to it in the car? Question a face-to-face meeting, if you think a conference call will suffice. Focus not only on the time spent in the meeting but what you could have accomplished if you weren't there.

  • When a phone call or face-to-face meeting is wrapping up, cue the person that time is running out. "It was nice having talked with you." "In summary, before we head out, I'm going to ... " or "Before we finish ..." or "Before we wrap things up ..." "If that is all, I'll get started on this ..." or "I see that our time is almost up ... is there anything else?"

The lesson here is really about setting healthy parameters for yourself & recognizing the reality of the consequences of "always available" time.

Saying "yes" to everything & always being available will compromise your energy level, your overall productivity, your sanity & your health. Accept your limitations & focus on what's most important by decreasing your availability.

Make it a productive day!

Laura Stack is a professional speaker & the president of The Productivity Pro®, Inc. She's the bestselling author of Leave the Office Earlier & Find More Time. Laura presents keynotes & seminars on time management, information overload & personal productivity. Contact her at 303-471-7401 or http://www.theproductivitypro.com/

©2007 Laura Stack

source: revolution health

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